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Intellectual Ammunition from the Lesbian Avengers/San Francisco

Attack and Response

“Bisexual women just can’t admit they’re actually lesbians.”
We need to respect how other people define their own identities. Anything else is arrogant, disempowering, and destructive.

“Lesbians have fought for years for our rights. Now bisexuals are taking over.”
Bisexual women have always been active in the movements for queer and dyke liberation, but bi contributions have been erased by historians who can only think in dualistic either/or terms.

“Bisexuals exploit heterosexual privilege.”
The real issue here is the closet, not bisexuality. Closeted lesbians benefit from heterosexual privilege, and out bisexuals are vulnerable to queer bashing, job discrimination, loss of family ...

“Bisexual women can’t be true feminists.”
Sexual orientation is not the same as political perspective. Lesbianism does not equal feminist consciousness, and bi identification does not automatically make you a male-identified dupe.

“Bi women bring AIDS and other STDs into the lesbian community.”
Unsafe behavior, not sexual identification, spreads HIV/AIDS and other STDs.

“Bisexuals undermine lesbian groups.”
Biphobia undermines our ability to fight the homophobia all dykes face.

“Bisexual women are ______.” (Fill in the blank with various gross generalizations.)
Bisexual-identified women are just as diverse as the population at large – culturally, racially, ideologically, economically, physically, behaviorally ...

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