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BOOK HIGHLIGHTS – partial list

My Grassroots Are Showing


  • Student and a founding organizer of San Francisco State Women Studies Program (WOMS)
  • Served on WOMS committee hiring Angela Davis back into California State University system
  • Coming out as a lesbian to children, ex-husband, mother, family, friends, colleagues at work
  • Anita Bryant, Briggs Initiative – No on 6, Gay-cott of Florida Orange Juice, Gay Pride March
  • Harvey Milk election, assassination, White Night Riots
  • Mothertongue Feminist Reader’s Theater – writing and performance
  • My real life coming out lesbian adventures with Carlos Castaneda, author of Conversations with Don Juan
  • 1979 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights
  • First person in my family to graduate from college – 1979 BA Women Studies SF State
  • Out lesbian chef at The Village OZ, a new age resort in Northern California


  • Lesbian chef falls in love with bisexual man and falls out of grace with the lesbian community
  • Bisexual coming out to French radical lesbian feminist theorist and author Monique Wittig
  • Coming out as bisexual on-stage in Mothertongue’s “Did you come or fake it? Women and Sexuality” script – 1981-92
  • West Coast Women’s Music & Comedy Festivals – bisexual visibility workshops and performances
  • My first published article: “Biphobic. . . some of my best friends are”
  • Founding BiPOL a bisexual feminist political action group focused on visibility/AIDS/ARC
  • Creation of first Bi political buttons: Unity is Our Bi-Word and Bi-Phobia Shield
  • Manager of the Valencia Rose Cabaret and cultural center – the first gay comedy club, where Whoopi Goldberg performed and Tom Ammiano, Marga Gomez, Lea DeLaria, Karen Ripley, and Monica Palacios got their start
  • Mayor Bi-Anne Feinstein and Princess Bi and BiPOL win Most Outrageous contingent in Gay Pride Parade
  • San Francisco Bisexual Center closes after eight years
  • First Women and AIDS forum
  • Sexual Healing of Jerry’s Falwellian agenda and the Brotherhood Family Forum
  • Tippicanoe and Ka’ahumanu too! First out bisexual to officially run for Vice President of USA at a Democratic Convention
  • First Bisexual Rights Rally – nine speakers, Ladies Against Women, Sister Boom Boom
  • 1987 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights – my article “Are We Visible Yet?” is published in MOW Civil Disobedience Handbook; bisexuals meet at Mayflower Hotel to march as contingent, this first national gathering sparks a core of people to organize BiNet USA
  • Appointed to Gay Lesbian Advisory Committee to the San Francisco Human Rights Commission (“Bisexual” and “Transgender” added in 1992)
  • Co-editing Bi Any Other Name, which helped catalyze the new movement for bisexual identity and activism [the book was published in 1991]


  • First National Bisexual Conference in San Francisco – founding of BiNet USA
  • How the bisexual magazine Anything That Moves got its name
  • Working at National Gay Rights Advocates during the Gulf War
  • First International Bisexual Conference in Amsterdam
  • Successful campaign for inclusion in the name of the March on Washington for Lesbian Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation – bisexual organizers at all levels; over 1,000 people in the bisexual contingent; I’m only out bisexual invited to speak on main stage
  • National bisexual conference in conjunction with the MOW draws over 600 participants
  • Creation and wild adventures of the Safer Sex Slut team – dedicated to demolishing denial
  • Christian Fundamentalists include bisexuals in the wording of Colorado’s anti-gay state Amendment 2
  • BiNet USA National Co-coordinator and newsletter columnist
  • National television talk-shows, Newsweek cover story, NY Times story, Dykes to Watch Out For
  • Co-Grand Marshal with Armistead Maupin of San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Pride Parade
  • BiTransAction at Creating Change Conference plenary and meeting with White House staff
  • National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Board of Directors
  • Bisexual counter-ad to radical religious right’s national “ex-gay” full-page ad campaign


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