Aubin Pictures, Inc.

fiscal sponsor

I want you to join the Grassroots Team that is producing two books, digitizing the archival bisexual videos, and recording the focused conversations for posterity. My goal is to raise at least one third of the Grassroots Book Project’s yearly budget through individual donations, monthly pledges, and in-kind donations. This will supplement the grants, merchandise, and the workshop and speaking presentations I do at university and college campuses around the country.

I am grateful for the inspiration and blessed by the ongoing financial and technical support and the in-kind donations of my Grassroots Book Project team. I am also very thankful to those who have volunteered their time and skills to move this project forward.


  1. To charge your donation right now, please go to, click on “about us,” follow the link for, then complete the form on-line. OR, you can print the form, fill it out, and send it with your check or money order (made out to Aubin Pictures) to Lani Ka‘ahumanu, POB 166, Villa Grande, CA 95486. Please remember that the check is made out to Aubin Pictures. THANKS.
  2. Monthly pledge? Fill out the form. (See directions above.) I will send you 12 self-addressed stamped envelopes. THANKS.
  3. To donate wish list items (or to donate towards the purchase of an item), please indicate what your donation is meant for and which part of the project you want to support. If you are actually purchasing/donating an item to send me, please check with me to make sure it has not yet been secured. THANKS.
  4. For in-kind service donations, let’s talk. Please contact me at (415) 821-3534 (vm) and/or email me. THANKS.



Aubin Pictures, Inc. produces media promoting cultural and social awareness and change. The goal of Aubin Pictures is to inspire dialogue and to educate, thereby fostering a better understanding between different sectors of society. Their work covers a range of topics including: art and culture; race relations; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues; reproductive rights; HIV/AIDS; and the radical right wing. Aubin Pictures, Inc. is the acting fiscal agent for the Grassroots Book Project.

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