Safer Sex

~ sex education basics ~

make no assumptions or judgments
about anyone’s sex, gender, sexuality, orientation, and/or identity

everyone has the right to positive non-judgmental accurate information
about their bodies and sex

we live in a time of shifting paradigms
our language does not yet reflect the changes
that are occurring

vulva, vagina, labia, clitoris, penis, testicles
are not necessarily female and male
self-identified women have penises, self-identified men have vulvas
some people are in transition, some people are born intersexed

a sexual identity cannot describe a sexual act
there is no such thing
as gay sex, lesbian sex, bisexual sex, or heterosexual sex
sex is sex is sex

everyone who wants to be sexual
deserves a satisfying and consensual sex life

learning to make love to yourself
is a revolutionary act

learning to share that information with someone
is a powerful act of self love

learning to say yes to sex
is as important as learning to say no

talking about sex should be as easy as
talking about your favorite ice cream or pizza

facing fear and misinformation as well as
understanding the ways we’ve been sexually judged, shamed, and hurt
leads to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life
the sex will be better too

learn to listen, challenge, and forgive yourself
our body and spirit are one and sacred
sexuality is a powerful spiritual truth
feel no shame for your desire

if you are going to be sexual have fun, or don’t do it.

© 2001 Lani Ka’ahumanu

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