Selected Writings

..... In three parts


The dark green sofa
is built like a woman
soft welcoming curves
sturdy and comforting
able to take you
into her arms
and nestle deep
into her folds

The strong frame
the ample padding
the legs set wide,
an invitation
to lean back
for the support,
or just
for the pure pleasure

The experience
lush . familiar. safe
in some tangible way
the sensations
potent and primal ...

The sofa
embodies an energy
that attracts
calls for
my attention
reminding me
of my body

My own strong frame
seeking notice
the muscles
beneath the padding
push for definition


There is no reason
for me to hide from this fear
that is making way
for the athlete dancer muscle memories
now challenging my body to reach
in a post nap
giant yawn of a stretch
that won't let go
until realized

When I think of my self
working out, dancing, stretching
limber, spry, vibrant
I am struck
by how far
I let my self go,
and to what great lengths
I have gone
to forget,
to disengage
the amazon spirit
living inside me
since I was a very little girl

When I do touch
that place inside of me
there is always
immense excitement
and hope
for the future


I want to be a strong
old woman

I am now fifty-one
having passed
the middle of my middle age

I am beginning
the old woman’s journey
in earnest

Without many role models
this brings me back
to the warm invitation
extended by the dark green
in some way
what is going on
inside and out
of me
these days

I will be
a strong old woman
legs set wide
welcoming curves
a powerful presence
grounded in my body
potent and primal
bold and shameless

Again all this is
familiar and safe

I remember a time
from earlier days

© 1994 Lani Ka'ahumanu

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