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As part of my research and to spark my memory and provide a different viewpoint, I have conducted 58 focused conversations with organizers and activists in the Bay Area and around the country with whom I've had the honor and privilege of working over the last 20+ years. Thanks to frequent flyer miles and the generosity of people in host cities, I was able to go to Boston, Minneapolis, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco/Oakland, Creating Change Conference/Portland OR, and the North American Conference on Bisexuality/San Diego. The conversations were done in the San Francisco Bay Area with the assistance of Oscar®-nominated bi filmmaker Elaine Holliman.

The collected focused conversations have been transferred to DVD and eventually will be donated to historical archives (see below). It is my fondest desire that these conversations will inspire other leaders to write and add their stories to the mix, and for historians and researchers to access the work and lives of bisexuals in the USA. I am hopeful people will be inspired and come forward to conduct complete oral histories on our bisexual activists and organizers.


A great deal of bisexual history was recorded on videotape from television talk shows, cable programs, conferences, panel and workshop presentations, and community events. Another aspect of my research is collecting these Beta Max and VHS videotapes. Although I don't have the 1975 Florida tapes of Alan Rockway in my hands YET, I do have the April 1981 Phil Donohue Show with bi activist David Lourea and his wife Lee Olivier. The good news is I have gathered, reviewed, and made notes on over 40 tapes!

The bad news is videotape disintegrates over time. The tapes must be saved. The best news is Bruce Antink has come forward to digitize these archival tapes. These DVDs will be sent to the Boston Bisexual Resource Center archives, the Schochet Center for GLBT Studies at University of Minnesota, and the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Historical Society in San Francisco (partial list). These tapes are an invaluable resource for the community as well as historians, scholars, and students. Copies will be available through my web once my books are finished. Stay tuned.

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